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About Us is a Personal Financial Analysis company with the ability to place you in a debt management program with a trusted non-profit company. We work to assist our customers in finding the best debt solution for their needs.  As an advisory service, we are not wedded to any specific program, but rather customize the solution to the client’s need and circumstances.  We strive our clients, where they are now, and where they will like to be.   We strive to help you get there!  

We are affiliated with some of the industry leaders and work non-profit companies to process customer payments, ensuring the highest level of integrity and reliability for the comfort and peace of mind of our customers. 

Our Financial Analysis service provides you with a full personal financial analysis that provides you with a snapshot of your financial situation and online budgeting software to help you maintain a monthly budget. is a division of First Consumer, LLC. First Consumer has been serving since the year 2000, with an excellent track record among its clients, providing a first class service as evidenced by the thousands of satisfied customers. First Consumer is an active member of national debt consolidations associations such as USOBA and IAPDA. All of our counselors are certified by the IAPDA association.

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